Inland Revenue Department Launches Separate Investigation Into The Tax Files Of Sri Lankans Mentioned In Pandora Papers

The Inland Revenue Department has launched an investigation into the Sri Lankans mentioned in the Pandora Papers published by the International Consortium Investigative Journalists (ICIJJ).

A senior official of the Inland Revenue Department told a local newspaper yesterday (13) that the investigation was initiated in accordance with the powers vested in it.

Accordingly, the official said that the files pertaining to the tax payments of Sri Lankans contained in the Pandora Papers will be examined and whether there will be any tax evasion.

The official further stated that the Inland Revenue Department is bound to provide the relevant reports if summoned by the court.

The Pandora Papers uncovered tax evasion, money laundering and money laundering by businessmen, politicians and high-profile figures across the world. The names of Thirukumar Nadesan, a Sri Lankan businessman with strong political connections, and his wife former Deputy Minister Nirupama Rajapaksa have been mentioned in the documents.

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