Provincial Governor & Communist Party Leader Raja Kollure Under Severe Criticism Over Threatening Remarks Against Teachers

North Western Province Governor Raja Kollure has come under severe criticism from many quearters over his threatening remarks on striking teachers.

Kollure, an 83- year-old politician, is a bigwig of the Communist Party of Sri Lanka, which has organised and led trade union actions for many decades.

Many activists have stated on social media that the Communist Party of Sri Lanka, must make their position clear on Kollure's remarks.

The Governor said that steps would be taken to suspend the November salaries of teachers and principals who do not attend schools when schools are reopened after one and a half years.

The Governor also stated that stern legal action will be taken against those who obstruct and oppose the opening of schools.

Although the schools will be reopened on the 21st, the teachers' unions say that the teachers will only report to work on the 25th.

Kollure also stated that opposing the opening of schools was a treasonous, criminal and treasonous act.

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