"Currently We Have The Stupidest Cabinet In Post-independent Sri Lanka": Ruling Party Ally Says

November 19, 2021

Communist Party stalwart and former MP D.E.W Gunasekera said the current Cabinet was the "stupidest" Cabinet of Ministers since Sri Lanka achieved independence.

Communist Party is a costituent party of the SLPP-led ruling coalition.

Gunasekera, in a YouTube interview, said that all but four or five members of the cabinet are absolutely stupid ministers who are not fit to hold their positions.

Gunasekera said when he once talked about the intelligence level of the current Cabinet ministers, he received a message from Minister Dinesh Gunawardena who said the comments might be too hard.

"But, I don't want to sugarcoat anything. I made this remark after carefully analysing all Cabinets that were in power since 1977," Gunasekera said.

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