Fourth Or Not? Public Split In Opinion Over Pushpika de Silva Mrs World Placement

Controversy has broken out again over the participation of Pushpika de Silva in the Mrs World contest that ended yesterday.

Mrs de Silva was selected to the first six. It is great achievement for Sri Lanka.

But Msr de Silva has claimed she was placed fourth, even though the Mrs World pageant does not select a 4th place.

The usual way this is done, is that first 16 are chosen, then the first 6 are chosen, and then the top three winners are chosen', a person familiar with the process told Asian Mirror.

“If the other contestants from other countries who made it to the top six through their hard work saw her saying she came fourth it will a national shame!” another social media user told us. “We are very proud of her, but this is a misrepresentation, a lie, about what happened there and it is not right.

“It’s also interesting that she made posted this in Sinhala and not in English”, the social media told us. “it’s a classic case of misrepresenting the masses! The people who don't understand English will never know!”

On social media, several people have commented. On Mrs de Silva’s social media pages, user Libby Crawford has posted: ‘please correct your assumption of fourth place. Nobody was 6th, 5th of 4th. That is false. No scores or placements are given to anyone but the top three.”

Media has also reported that Mrs Pushpika placed 4th.

Mrs de Silva was previously caught in a big scandal during the Mrs Sri Lanka for Mrs World contest, when the former Mrs Sri Lanka Caroline Jurie, who was the reigning Mrs World at the time, tried to remove her crown after it became known Mrs de Silva had exploited a loophole to contest. Mrs de Silva is long separated from her husband but her divorce is not yet finalised, which is the loophole she exploited to participate in the competition.