FR Petition Filed By Liberal Youth Movement Against Emergency Regulations Taken Up In SC

The Fundamental Rights petition filed by the Liberal Youth Movement (LYM) against the Emergency Regulations was taken up for Leave to Proceed and granting of interim relief today before Justices Ysantha Kodagoda and Arjuna Obeysekera.

Dr. Gihan Gunetileke appeared for the Petitioners Namini Panditha and Rusiru Egodage, the co-conveners of the LYM, while Rajeev Goonethilaka, Deputy Solicitor General appeared for the Respondents.

Rajeev Goonethilaka moved that these Applications be re fixed before a Bench of 3 Judges. Counsel appearing for Petitioners in all 3 Cases informed Court that according to provisions of Article 126 of the Constitution and other relevant provisions, Bench of 2 Judges have the power to hear and determine these Applications and moved that due to the urgency and importance of these matters, they be taken up for Support today.

Court considering all facts and circumstances, re fixed the Case along with other 2 connected Cases for Leave to Proceed and Granting of Interim Relief on 12th August.