Kayleigh Fraser carried out business activities in violation of visa - AGs tells Courts

The writ application filed challenging the cancellation of visa of British national Kayleigh Fraser has been dismissed without hearing by the Appeals Court today (16). The visa was cancelled and Fraser was asked to leave the country prior to August 15 by the Controller General of Immigration and Emigration.

During the proceedings the state counsel presenting the facts before the court pointed out that the discretion to issue such a visa cancellation order rests with the Controller General of Immigration and Emigration.

He also revealed that tourist in question had arrived in Sri Lanka on a tourist visa and was issued a residence visa in 2021 and the visa was issued to receive medical treatment allowing her to remain till March 8 next year. However he said she had not taken any medical treatment and had instead been engaged in business activities in Sri Lanka in violation of visa regulations.

The state counsel also alleged that the petitioner has submitted the petition deliberately concealing these facts.

Therefore, he asked the court to reject the petition without hearing it as there is no reasonable legal basis for maintaining it.

After considering all the facts presented, the appellate court judge decided to reject the petition without taking it up for hearing.