Maithripala Sirisena issues special statement

September 09, 2022

Former President and Chairman of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party says a group of MPs of the party have accepted Ministerial positions without any approval from the SLFP.

However, in the statement issued Sirisena emphasised that a group of members of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party arbitrarily assuming ministerial positions without the approval of the party will not at all affect the progress of the future political programs carried out by the Sri Lanka Freedom Party for the sake of the motherland and for the advancement of the people.

Sirisena noted that the SLFP had decided to only accept the Ministerial position in a true all-party government and this group of MPs have gone against that decision made by the central committee of the party.

He also said it is despicable that the group is feigning they have accepted the positions with the approval of the party despite doing so without any discussion or informing the SLFP.