“I challenge you to remove me” - G.L tells SLPP

September 09, 2022

Chairman of the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) Prof G.L Peiris has issued a challenge to the SLPP to attempt to remove him and others who became independent recently. G.L says it is this group that now truly represents the ideology, identity and policies of the SLPP.

Peiris made these comments while visiting Kandy along with others in the group today.

He said the people are aware of who truly represents the SLPP. “They are aware if it's the group who have now formed a government with the UNP or us who have chosen to remain independent” he said.

He also said the group refused Ministerial positions as currently, it is more imperative to use the limited resources to provide relief to the people, rather than maintain a plethora of Ministers, State Ministers and MPs.

Given the government’s recent actions relating to human rights G.L also warned that Sri Lanka will have to face many issues at the upcoming UNHRC sessions.