Damitha Abeyratne to enter politics from leading political party?

September 30, 2022

Popular actress and activist Damitha Aberatne says she is willing to support any party or group that will fulfill the aims of the citizen’s struggle aka ‘Aragalaya’. According to Damitha she has already declined an invitation from the government to join its fold.

She even revealed that offers of cash were made in a bid to attract her to the idea of joining the government. While claiming she will never join the lot, she also said she will be prepared to join any party or group that will fulfill the requests made during the struggle.

Abeyratne said she believed at the time Sajith Premadasa did not accept responsibility of the country as he was unwilling to stand for the people of the country. However she now said she believes he did so according to principles as he was unwilling to be associated with the current lot. “He is a principled politician” she said while adding she will stand with any group that will bring about the aims of the struggle leading many to believe she will join the SJB shortly given the assurances Premadasa has made on delivering on the promises and requests of the strugglers.