Anoma’s comment on actor Darshan Dharmaraj death takes social media by storm

Many in the film industry had added messages of condolences on the sudden and untimely death of actor Darshan Dharmaraj who passed away yesterday at the age of 41. Among those was actress Anoma Janadare. However her message added on her personal facebook page has since taken social media by storm due to its controvertial nature.

In it she says “We acted in several productions together. Almost all of it had scenes of a sexual nature. There were highly sexual characters. He was an actor who gave a lot of support when acting. He was a sensitive actor. Often when going home after a shoot many actors make indecent proposals. We cannot even escape actors who are over 60 like Jayasiri. Darshan treated me with respect as a young actor till today. He wanted to become a licensed actor in India and rise to the top. Even if he got such opportunities, he wanted to be in our field.

Similarly, he was confident that he would get an award for acting in the movie 'Tsunami'. 41 is not an age to die. But he has given a message to the actors who smoke cannabis, alcohol and cigarettes excessively”

Following this post, social media has erupted in a debate over her comments. Some felt it was unfair of Anoma to name actor W.Jayasiri claiming two adults are free to make such proposals and decisions on such suggestions as long as no act was committed forcefully. Jayasiri is yet to address these accusations.