Will Jerome Fernando Be Arrested On Sunday? Controversial Pastor Faces Arrest Upon Return to Sri Lanka

In a significant development, Pastor Jerome Fernando, the leader of a religious congregation, is set to be arrested upon his return to Sri Lanka, according to Police spokesman SSP Nihal Thalduwa. The decision to apprehend the pastor is a result of his recent controversial statements regarding Buddhism. Although the pastor is reported to have already left the country, authorities are prepared to take action as soon as he returns.

SSP Thalduwa confirmed that Pastor Fernando will face arrest for his remarks, which have sparked controversy and public outcry. The police spokesman emphasized that the pastor's return to the country will prompt his immediate arrest, signifying the authorities' commitment to address the issues surrounding his statements.

In response to the growing concern, Pastor Fernando took to social media yesterday, explaining that he had departed Sri Lanka for a pre-scheduled visit and is expected to return on Sunday. However, his departure occurred earlier this week, revealing that he had left the country despite a travel ban imposed by the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) and approved by the Fort Magistrate's Court.

The looming question remains whether the controversial pastor will indeed be arrested by the police upon his anticipated return on Sunday. The execution of the arrest plan hinges on several factors, including the pastor's arrival and the subsequent coordination between law enforcement agencies.

The situation surrounding Pastor Jerome Fernando has garnered significant attention, as his controversial statements have raised concerns about religious harmony and incitement to disharmony. The authorities are determined to take appropriate legal actions to address any instances of religious disrespect and maintain societal peace.