Vote Of Estate Workers Decided The Final Result Of Uva Election - Harin

September 26, 2014

Uva Provincial Council Chief Ministerial Candidate for the UNP Harin Fernando has said that the UPFA was able win the Uva Provincial Council Election merely because of the support of the estate workers’ votes.

Harin Fernando expressed these ideas while addressing a special media conference in Colombo.

He said even though UNP was not able to win the election they were able to raise the bar high and establish a clear improvement in the over-role percentage.

Fernando also pointed that the disappointment of the people of Uva towards the UPFA government is evident and the UNP’s success in the Uva polls bears witness to that.

“If we were able to secure 7000 - 8000 votes from the estate areas, the end result would have been different”, he said.  

Fernando maintained that the UNP was able to achieve this unprecedented victory while independent groups such as Ceylon Workers Congress, Digambaran’s party and Kandurata Janatha Peramuna competed under UPFA.

Commenting on the attack on his motorcade, Harin Fernando said if anyone wanted to take personal revenge from him they were free to do that and there was no need to attack supporters of the party.

The former parliamentarian also said that all the internal issues inside the United National party have been resolved and the dispute between UNP Deputy Leader Sajith Premadasa and Assistant Leader Ravi Karunanayake have been brought end.


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