Supreme Court to Hear Petition Filed by Entrepreneur Chamindra Dayan Lenawa

A bench of five justices of the Supreme Court will today consider a petition filed by entrepreneur Chamindra Dayan Lenawa. The petition requests an interim order be issued to the Election Commission.

Chief Justice Jayantha Jayasuriya will preside over the bench, which also includes Justices Vijith Malalgoda, Murdhu Fernando, Preethi Padman Surasena, and S. Thurairaja.

Lenawa's petition seeks to prevent the Election Commission from conducting the presidential election until the Supreme Court interprets the president's term as outlined in the constitution. The petition argues that Article 30(2) of the constitution, concerning the president's term, was not properly amended by Article 82(6) under the 19th Amendment.

The petitioner requests the court issue an order preventing the Election Commission's chairman, its members, and the commissioner general of elections from conducting the election until a decision is reached. Additionally, the petition seeks a determination that the president's term is six years and an order directing the Election Commission to hold the election only after this period has elapsed.