Police Suspect Underworld Figures "Kanjipani Imran" and "Athurugiriye Ladiya" in Murder of Club Wasantha

Police suspect that notorious underworld figures Kanjipani Imran and Athurugiriye Ladiya were involved in the murder of Surendra Wasantha Perera, also known as Club Wasantha, which took place yesterday morning in Athurugiriya. The killing occurred during the opening of a tattoo parlour where Wasantha was the chief guest.

According to police reports, the motive behind the murder stems from a financial dispute. Wasantha had allegedly refused to release a substantial amount of money he had received from the late underworld figure Makandure Madush before Madush's death. Kanjipani Imran had purportedly asked Wasantha to transfer the money to Madush's family, but Wasantha refused, leading to his murder.

The hitmen who carried out the murder are believed to be Ladiya's men and the bullets used for the attack carry the initials "KPI" alluding to the name of Kanjipani Imran. 

During a press conference yesterday, Police Media Spokesman Nihal Thalduwa said the murder might have been ordered by someone residing overseas. 

Kanjipani Imran and Athurugiriye Ladiya, both known associates of Madush, are believed to have orchestrated the killing. Imran is currently residing in France, after fleeing the country.