Former Monk and Popular Sermonizer Gampaha Mahanama Thera now Identified as “Nayana Wasula” Killed in Athurugiriya Shooting Incident

The identity and background of another person who was killed in the shooting incident in Athurugiriya has now been revealed. 

Nayana Wasula, a former monk known for his captivating Bana sermons, was fatally shot alongside Surendra Wasantha Perera, also known as Club Wasantha, during the opening of a tattoo parlor in Athurugiriya yesterday.

Nayana Wasula, originally Gampaha Mahanama Thera, had spent nearly two decades in robes, earning widespread admiration for his spiritual teachings and engaging sermons. His decision to disrobe came after forming a connection with K. Sujeewa, a prominent singer, with whom he had attended the opening of a tattoo parlor as an invited guest.

The shooting incident, which unfolded in Athurugiriya, not only claimed the lives of Nayana Wasula and Surendra Wasantha Perera but also left K. Sujeewa critically injured.