The Irrawaddy Website Hacked Following Article On Wirathu's SL Visit

A website reporting on Myanmar issues, 'The Irrawaddy', appeared to have been hacked on October 2, by a group calling itself the ‘Blink Hacker Group’, Myanmar's Mizzima news organization reported.  The hacker group was claiming that 'The Irrawaddy' media group should apologise for a recent article about the visit of controversial Buddhist monk, Ashin Wirathu Thera to Sri Lanka.

Mizzima website carried an image of The Irrawaddy's hacked homepage, which displayed an altered masthead that read “Covering Muslims and Radical Muslims.”

Further down the page it read “Irrawaddy supports Jihad & Radical Muslims. For the defend of the Muslims and Allah, Irrawady have shown attacking Buddhists and others Non-Muslims with Media News [sic].”

It continued to defend Sri Lanka's Bodu Bala Sena, on September 30 made an agreement with Wirathu Thera's 969 movement.

Wirathu Thera was quoted as saying this agreement was to “protect and defend threatened Buddhists the world over [who are] facing a serious threat today from jihadist groups.”

The Blink Hacker Group continued to criticize the Irrawaddy Group and its use of “so called freedom of speech,” claiming that its actions followed “so called freedom of internet hacking,” before concluding with a reference to Halloween and a “shout out to all Myanmar black hat.”

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