Yasara Speaks Up: "I Had No Connection With Wasim Thajudeen"

Yasara Abeynayake, who was dubbed in certain media reports as the ex-girlfriend of Yoshitha Rajapaksa, told Asian Mirror that she did not even know nor did she have any connection with Wasim Thajudeen, the Rugby player who was killed in a road accident in 2012.

Abeynayake, who was formerly the Channel head of CSN, is now attached to a Sri Lankan diplomatic mission in Australia. She made these remarks responding to reports that the Rugby player’s sudden death was linked to an alleged “affair” she had with him.

“Why can’t they let the innocent departed rest in peace? Why are they tarnishing his memory and my reputation by coupling me with a person I have never met in my life?” she asked while asserting that she was not even aware as to how her name had been connected to the death of the Rugby player.

Abeynayake also urged news websites to refrain from publishing “unsubstantiated and baseless” reports involving her name.

Meanwhile, Asfan Thajudeen, the brother of Wasim Thajudeen, said on his Facebook profile a few days ago that his family did not believe there was any “foul play” in connection with the tragic accident which led to the Rugby player’s death. “So far not a single proof of evidence has come up to proof otherwise,” he also added.

Wasim Thajudeen, a Sri Lankan ruggerite and former Havelock SC captain, was killed in a road accident in Colombo, in May 2012.  According to Police, Thajudeen had been driving to the airport when he had lost control of the car and crashed into the wall of Shalika grounds on park road. The car had exploded within seconds of the crash burning the whole car.

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