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Tim Howard Was Randomly Drug-Tested After His 16 Amazing Saves

U.S. goalie Tim Howard was randomly drug-tested immediately following Tuesday's match against Belgium after he made an amazing 16 saves, which set a World Cup record, he revealed today.

Howard said he wasn't able to join his teammates in the locker room right after the 2-1 loss because FIFA sprang the test on him.

"I got dragged into drug testing, again, randomly," Howard told ESPN Radio when asked about the somber mood after the match. "So I didn't hear all of [the reactions]."

Two players from both teams are randomly drug-tested after each World Cup match, per FIFA regulations.

But some fans might wonder just how random Howard's selection could be -- especially after the goalkeeper's impressive game.

He joked to ESPN that "maybe" the test stopped being random after his 10th or 11th save.

FIFA has yet to release the results of Howard's test. No player has tested positive for banned substances at this World Cup.

Howard has been vocal about his anti-drug stance and is a spokesperson for Natural High, a nonprofit drug prevention program.

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