Argentine Model Fiorella Castillo Shows Amazing Football Skills

Away from her duties as a model and TV producer, Fiorella Castillo has carved a reputation of one of the most impressive freestyle footballers on the streets.

Castillo has gained a huge following for her antics in Brazil during the World Cup, and frankly for good reason.

Her day job was to front TV coverage of the tournament with a bit of modelling on the side, but she really came into her own when entertaining the masses on the beaches.

'Better than Messi' is the line that is very often rolled out as Castillo shows off her skills, and given her touch and ability on the ball it's something to be argued. At least in pure showboating terms.

With Messi crowned the player of the tournament, it is fair to least brand Castillo the entertainer of the tournament for the way she treated fans throughout.

Now, take one and a half minutes out of your day and enjoy Fiorella's amazing skills.

(Yahoo Sports)

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