The F1 Driver Who Rides A Scooter

Red Bull Racing's Max Verstappen is the youngest man to top a Formula One podium in the history of the sport, having triumphed in his Red Bull debut at last year's Spanish Grand Prix.
All in all, the teenager competed in 14 races before he even got his driving license, negotiating breakneck turns and high-speed chicanes while the rest of us were worrying about zebra crossings.
But what was the Dutchman's first ever road car?
"It was a Renault Clio!" Verstappen told CNN's The Circuit in Barcelona ahead of last weekend's Spanish Grand Prix. "I couldn't even use it that much because I was not yet 18 and racing for Toro Rosso.
"At first I had a yellow one, and then they swapped it to the gray. I preferred that..."
The talented young driver says he might have opted for a Volkswagen Golf had he needed to actually buy a car, with the Renault given as a "gift."
But for a man used to exceeding 200 mph, the highway code presents something of a limitation.
In fact, though Verstappen admits plans to buy an Aston Martin DB11 are afoot, he currently uses rather less glamorous mode of transport.
"At the moment I'm just driving my scooter," says the 19-year-old, who spends his spare time with his parents in Belgium or at home in Monte Carlo.

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