Alleged Conspiracy To Kill President Likely To End As "False Alarm" As Recovered Phone Records Not Providing Substantial Evidence

December 26, 2018

The alleged conspiracy to kill President Maithripala Sirisena is likely to be determined as a false alarm with the Police failing to find any substantial evidence to prove the allegations. 

The Police sent Namal Kumara's mobile phone to Hong Kong and recovered the recordings deleted by Kumara before the Police began investigations into the matter. None of the recordings, however, presented substantial evidence relating to the alleged plot to kill President Sirisena. 

The Police to file a report with the Magistrate's Court on the recordings recovered from Namal Kumara's phone.

Meanwhile. addressing a press conference in Ampara yesterday, Kumara accused the Police of not handling the investigation with diligence. 

He also said the Police had taken measures to reduce his security, exposing his life to "various threats."

The President, on several occasions, has also blamed the UNP for not taking the alleged assassination attempt serious". 



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