Gotabaya Rajapaksa Releases His Police Diary

Former defence secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa released his ‘diary’ for this week on his Facebook page yesterday, with an apparently sarcastic comment on his schedule which is now being determined by others.

Accordingly, he is due to appear at the Bribery Commission on Monday, police Financial Crimes Investigations Division on Tuesday, CID on Wednesday and again at the Bribery Commission on Thursday.

He commented on the Facebook page that he has been summoned these institutions “in recognition of my dedicated and honest hard work done with commitment.”

Rajapaksa was earlier summoned to the Bribery Commission on April 23 over the cases regarding Avant-Garde Security Services and Rakna Lanka Araksha Limited. A protest was held in support of Rajapaksa near the Bribery Commission on the same date.

Addressing his supporters, Rajapaksa claimed he had done his job as a government servant. He also said that no government servant will perform their work with full commitment if they are harassed in this manner.

Meanwhile, CID and FCID are conducting separate investigations on Rajapaksa for alleged financial fraud.

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