UPDATE: Consumer Affairs Authority Raids Kapruka Office For Violating Regulations And Unethical Business Practices

The Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) today raided Kapruka, an online retail store, for violating regulations on the maximum retail rices and unethical business practices.

Kapruka, an online shopping and delivery service in Sri Lanka, has come under severe criticism from a number of clients on social media for overcharging customers and for repeatedly failing to meet delivery deadlines.

Kapruka made its services available to clients after the government declared an islandwide curfew in the wake of COVID19 outbreak in Sri Lanka. The company said the service would enable clients to place orders for essential items during the time of curfew and the deliveries would be made within 24 hours.

Many who relied on Kapruka for essential items during the curfew period are now facing severe difficulties.

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