Vehicle Allegedly Involved With Shooting At UNP Supporters Discovered

The Police have been able to discover a vehicle which is allegedly involved with gun fire attack happened at Kotahena, early yesterday (31).

It was discovered yesterday (31) evening at the Bloemendhal housing complex and there was a  cartridge case of T56 gun inside the vehicle, Police Media Unit told.

Eye witnesses had said police that four people who sprayed bullets at the campaigners were arrived by a black colored Hybrid car. It did not have number plates, they had said.

Shots fired at a group of supporters of UNP candidate Ravi Karunanayake who were engaging in election campaigning at Bloemendhal road, Colombo yesterday (31)

Twelve persons were hospitalized and one woman died due to injuries.

Further investigations on the incident are conducting by Kotahena Police. People who responsible for the attack are yet to identify.

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