Uvindu Wijeweera hints at forming new political party

Uvindu Wijeweera says that various political parties infiltrated the struggle and diluted it. He also says there is no possibility of making Sri Lanka a Russia or England.

He also emphasized there that he has not accepted any positions in the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JV) as the son of Rohana Wijeweera and that he is not linked to the party. 

“As the Second Generation we are acting democratically. We will take the middle path. A new political discourse should emerge in Sri Lanka. For that, it is necessary for a new political party to be formed. We intervene in the struggles, but some parties took possession of the struggle and dissolved it. I am inviting the current youth generation and those who were in politics with my father Rohana Wijeweera to join us. We are ready to face any election as a democratic party. In the past, a government that was elected by 2/3 of the power was removed by the people and we presented a series of proposals to the current government but there has not been a favourable response.” he said.