Sex Scandal Involving Monk and Two Women: Four Youths Arrested over Assault; Complaint Withdrawn, Reconciliation Sought

In a shocking incident that occurred in Navagamuwa, Bomiriya, Rassapana, four youths have been apprehended by the Navagamuwa police following an assault on Pallegama Sumana Thero and two women in a residential house. However, all four individuals have since been released on police bail.

The arrests were made based on a complaint filed by Pallegama Sumana Thero, who alleged that a group of youths forcefully entered the house and subjected the mother and daughter to physical assault, while also causing damage to the property. The complaint gained significant attention due to the involvement of Sumana Thero, who holds a prominent position in the community.

The suspects, who were subsequently arrested and released on police bail, have claimed that they visited the house after receiving information that Sumana Thero was engaging in inappropriate behavior with the two women. Angered by this alleged situation, the group confronted and assaulted the monk and the women. The incident was recorded on video and widely circulated on social media platforms, drawing widespread attention and condemnation.

Recent developments indicate that the suspects, who were in police custody, have also been released on bail. This decision was made after Pallegama Sumana Thero withdrew the complaint filed with the Navagamuwa Police Station and expressed a willingness to reconcile. The motive behind this change in stance remains unclear at the moment.