Sri Lanka and Indonesia Pledge Stronger Bilateral Ties and Economic Cooperation


During the 10th World Water Summit, Sri Lankan President Ranil Wickremesinghe and Indonesian President Joko Widodo committed to enhancing bilateral relations and economic cooperation between their nations. The discussions emphasized collaboration on global challenges and regional issues.

President Wickremesinghe highlighted the historical ties between the two countries, referencing their participation in the 1956 Bandung Conference. He praised President Widodo’s leadership and expressed Sri Lanka's willingness to join the Global Blended Financial Alliance to tackle financial challenges in water management.

President Widodo focused on economic cooperation, urging the finalization of the Preferential Trade Agreement (PTA) by early 2025. He proposed the entry of Indonesian pharmaceuticals into Sri Lanka and the removal of import restrictions on Indonesian palm oil. Additionally, he showcased Indonesia’s renewable energy advancements and called for stronger hydro diplomacy.

Both leaders discussed regional security, with President Wickremesinghe supporting ASEAN’s Indo-Pacific outlook and advocating for more bilateral meetings. They also addressed economic cooperation in the Indian Ocean, with proposals for closer ties and a bilateral agreement to boost regional commerce.