New Regulations to Facilitate Cultivation of Unused Land

State Minister for Social Empowerment Anupa Pasqual announced new regulations to promote the use of uncultivated land for agricultural purposes. Highlighting the vital role of land in societal development, Pasqual emphasized the government's commitment to utilizing arable but currently unused land for farming.

During the “Collective Path to a Stable Country” press briefing at the Presidential Media Centre, Pasqual also revealed significant educational reforms. Starting next year, the G.C.E. Ordinary Level Examination will include a skill or professional stream to prevent students from being labeled as failures due to difficulties in traditional academic subjects. This initiative aims to produce skilled professionals and promote vocational education.

And also the minister outlined plans for a contributory pension scheme covering all sectors, including self-employed individuals, to empower the entire population. The government is also fostering an entrepreneurial culture and expanding access to vocational education.

The minister further announced the launch of the “Liyasaviya” program, targeting the empowerment of preschool teachers and aiming to assist 1.2 million disadvantaged individuals, with 300,000 families targeted for support this year. Collaborative social empowerment initiatives with various national organizations are also set to begin next month.