Sri Lankans Arrested in India Linked to Criminal and Terrorist Activities

On May 20th, the Gujarat Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) arrested four Sri Lankan nationals at Ahmedabad airport on suspicions of terrorism and criminal activity. The suspects, initially believed to have connections with ISIS, have been linked to various criminal undertakings, including drug and gold trafficking.

The suspects, identified as Mohammad Nusrat, Mohammad Nafran, Mohammad Farish, and Mohammad Rashdeen, were found to have diverse criminal backgrounds. Nusrat, previously apprehended for gold and drug smuggling, had traveled to India 38 times. Nafran, identified as the son of infamous criminal Niyas Naufer, had visited India 40 times and confessed to involvement in drug smuggling during interrogation.

Farish and Rashdeen were on their first visit to India when they were detained. Rashdeen faces three drug trafficking charges. The four men were reported to belong to the National Thawheed Jamaath organization and had connections with a man named Abu in Pakistan through social media.

Indian police found photographs of weapons and location data on their mobile phones, leading to the recovery of three Pakistani pistols and 20 cartridges in Nanachiloda. An ISIS flag was also recovered, with plans to raise it after planned attacks. The men allegedly intended to target Jews, Christians, and members of India's BJP and RSS.