Money Laundering Allegations Against Piumi Hansamali: Court Orders Probe into Hansamali's Alleged Illicit Wealth Involving 19 Bank Accounts and Properties

Maligakanda Magistrate Manjula Thilakaratne has authorized the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) to obtain records for 19 bank accounts held by actress Piumi Hansamali across eight leading banks. This decision follows allegations that Hansamali acquired substantial property through organized crime.

The CID's request to subpoena these bank records stems from a complaint lodged by civil activist Sanjaya Mahawatta. Chief Inspector Sampath Rajakaruna and Sub Inspector Tharanga Lakmal of the Illegal Assets Investigation Division presented the details of the case to the court.

Hansamali, a resident of Hilton Colombo Residencies, has come under scrutiny for purchasing a Range Rover valued at 80 million rupees and a house worth 148 million rupees in a Colombo residential complex. Additionally, she is reported to have deposited significant amounts of money into her 19 bank accounts within a short timeframe, raising suspicions about the sources of her wealth.

The court's decision to grant the CID access to Hansamali's financial records marks a significant step in the investigation. Authorities aim to determine whether her assets were obtained through legal means or if they are connected to illicit activities.