Sri Lanka Police Turn Away Domestic Violence Complaint On October 1, Saying 'Too Busy With Children's Day Celebrations'

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A woman, who was the victim of domestic violence was turned away by Police when she arrived with a lawyer to file her complaint, as Police were too busy preparing for Children's Day celebrations. A prominent attorney-at -law who fights for the rights of women and children wrote on Facebook of the incident in which police told the victim and her lawyer they were expecting high-level dignitaries and were too bust to take down the complaint. The woman was not the only victim, the post said, explaining that her children - a boy and a girl - were also victimes of domestic violence. In addition to this, horrifyingly, the boy was also a victim to grave sexual abuse at the hands of his father's friend - a case the attorney at law is also handling. There have been increased reports of Police not taking incidents of domestic violence seriously - especially during the lockdown. 'Why is [Children's Day] even celebrated ??' the lawyer asked in her post - if Police cannot stop for long enough to ensure children who are victims of sexual and other violence are protected?
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