Powerful former Minister accused of instigating diplomatic uproar over Chinese vessel visit

D.E.W Gunasekara, Chairman of the Communist Party of Sri Lanka revealed that there is a group led by former Minister Basil Rajapaksa behind the diplomatic intervention of the US and India regarding the controversial Chinese ship.

Gunasekara said that if there is a problem between China and Sri Lanka, it should be solved by the two countries and there is no need for another party to intervene. He also said Sri Lanka as a country should act according to a non-aligned policy.

Gunasekara also said that the President and the Prime Minister should intervene and take action that will not damage Sri Lankan and China's goodwill over the Chinese ship.

According to him, a certain group is exacerbating the issue by instigating both the US and India. 

Gunasekara while condemning their behaviour said the current Foreign Minister, must take former Foreign Minister Lakshman Kadirgarmar as an example on how to face these issues.