Sri Lankan Youths Gain Access to Japanese Job Market Under Special Skilled Worker Visa Program

December 01, 2023

In a landmark development, Sri Lankan youth now have the opportunity to pursue employment opportunities in Japan's construction sector, thanks to the initiation of the Special Skilled Worker (SSW) visa category. The announcement came from the Minister of Labour and Foreign Employment, Manusha Nanayakkara, marking a significant milestone in bilateral relations between Sri Lanka and Japan.

Effective immediately, young Sri Lankans with aspirations in the construction field can apply for the SSW visa, provided they meet specific criteria. Language proficiency in Japanese and successful completion of the relevant examination will be essential prerequisites for eligibility under this program.

Minister Nanayakkara emphasized the importance of Japanese language skills, highlighting it as a key factor in ensuring successful integration into the Japanese work environment. The language proficiency requirement aims to enhance the overall experience for Sri Lankan workers and foster better communication and collaboration within the construction sector.

This initiative is expected to provide a valuable avenue for Sri Lankan youths seeking employment opportunities abroad while contributing to the skilled workforce requirements of Japan. The SSW visa program aligns with both countries' commitment to fostering stronger economic ties and collaboration.