Sri Lanka Achieves Milestone with Launch of First Digital Birth Certificate: Several New Features Including Exclusion of Parents' Marital Status

December 05, 2023

]In a landmark development for the nation, Sri Lanka proudly unveiled its inaugural digital birth certificate today, marking a significant leap toward modernizing administrative processes and enhancing citizen services.

The new digital birth certificate introduces several innovative features, signaling a departure from traditional documentation methods. One notable change is the exclusion of parents' marital status from the certificate, streamlining the document and emphasizing the individual's information over familial details.

Crucially, the digital birth certificate now incorporates an individual identification (ID) number, providing a unique identifier linked to each citizen. Additionally, a sequence number has been introduced to further facilitate the country's national census efforts. This move is expected to contribute to more accurate demographic data collection and analysis.

One of the progressive elements of the digital birth certificate is the inclusion of ethnicity and nationality information. By encompassing these details, the certificate aims to embrace and reflect the diversity within Sri Lanka, fostering inclusivity and acknowledging the multi-ethnic fabric of the nation.