Parliamentarian Vadiwel Suresh Switches Allegiance: Appointed Senior Advisor to the President

December 06, 2023

Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB) Member of Parliament, Vadiwel Suresh, has assumed the role of Senior Advisor to the President, signaling a significant shift in political allegiances. Suresh, who initially entered parliament representing the Badulla district under the SJB banner, has now aligned himself with the ruling party.

The announcement of Suresh's appointment to a key advisory position came as a shock to many within the political landscape, raising questions about the implications for the SJB and its stance on this unexpected move.

Vadiwel Suresh's decision to join hands with the President has left the SJB leadership contemplating its next course of action. As an opposition MP, Suresh's departure could potentially impact the dynamics within the SJB, and party leaders now face the decision of whether or not to take disciplinary measures against the MP for his shift in allegiance.