Critical Medicine Shortages Loom as Health Professionals Association Raises Alarm

December 07, 2023

Ravi Kumudesh, President of the Health Professionals Association, highlighted a precarious shortage of essential medicines within the Health Ministry's Medical Supplies Division. According to Mr. Kumudesh, 156 medicines are currently insufficient, and the stock of another 110 medicines is only projected to last for a meager one-month period.

Expressing deep apprehension, Kumudesh cautioned that if immediate measures are not taken, by January, the shortage of approximately 300 medicines could pose a grave threat to the healthcare system. Shockingly, he added that 86 types of medicines are currently unavailable in hospital stores, exacerbating the severity of the situation.

The scarcity of crucial medicines raises significant concerns about the potential impact on patient care, particularly for those with chronic illnesses or relying on specific medications. Health professionals and stakeholders are grappling with the imminent challenges that may arise if swift actions are not taken to address the medicine shortage.