UPDATE: Former Lankan Soldier Capt. Ranish Hewage's Body Recovered in Ukraine, Funeral Date Pending

December 08, 2023

the body of Captain Ranish Hewage, the former Sri Lankan soldier who lost his life while fighting alongside Ukrainian forces in Bakhmut, Ukraine, has been recovered. The news was confirmed by Lahiru Hathirusinghe, a fellow Sri Lankan soldier who valiantly carried Captain Hewage's body for an astonishing 15 kilometers.

Captain Ranish Hewage, along with a fellow Sri Lankan soldier, lost their lives on December 4, 2023, during a fierce battle in Ukraine. The recovery of Captain Hewage's body brings a bittersweet closure to his family, friends, and comrades, as they mourn the loss of a courageous soldier.

Lahiru Hathirusinghe, who played a pivotal role in ensuring the dignified retrieval of Captain Hewage's remains, expressed the challenges faced during the 15-kilometer journey.