Former Mayor of Kurunegala Faces Indictments Over Demolition of King Buwanekabahu's Raja Sabha Mandapaya

December 08, 2023

The Attorney General has filed indictments before the High Court against the former mayor of Kurunegala, Thushara Sanjeeva Vitarana and others.

President's lawyer Mr. Faiza Mustafa, who represented them, stated this before the Supreme Court today (07).

Charges have been filed in connection with the demolition of the building with "Bhuvanekaba Raja Sabha Mandapam" which has archaeological value in the center of Kurunegala city.

The President's Attorney made this notification when 05 appeal petitions filed by the Attorney General against the order given by the Court of Appeal to prevent the arrest of a group including the former mayor were called before the Supreme Court.

These petitions were called before the three-member Supreme Court bench of Yasanta Kodagoda, Shiran Gunaratne and Achala Vengappuli.