Luxury Cruise Liner, M.V. Marella Discovery 2, Makes Grand Maiden Call at the Port of Colombo

December 08, 2023

The M.V. Marella Discovery 2, a luxury cruise ship with 1,800 passengers and 755 crew members on board, is set to make its maiden call at the bustling Port of Colombo today.

The colossal vessel, operated by Marella Cruises, arrived at the port in the early hours, drawing the attention of onlookers and locals who gathered to witness the grand entrance of this floating luxury haven. The Marella Discovery 2, known for its opulent amenities and world-class services, is making Colombo a key stop on its prestigious itinerary.

This visit marks a significant moment for both the cruise industry and the city of Colombo. The cruise liner is scheduled to conduct a turn-around at the port, allowing 900 passengers to embark and disembark. To facilitate this operation, three chartered flights have been arranged to seamlessly transport guests to and from Colombo.