Defense Ministry Extends Detention of Notorious Drug Dealers 'Harak Kata' and 'Kudu Salindu' Under P.T.A

December 08, 2023

The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) informed the Fort Magistrate's Court today that the Defense Ministry has extended the detention orders issued under the Prevention of Terrorism Act (P.T.A) for notorious drug dealers Nadun Chinthaka alias 'Harak Kata' and Salindu Malshika alias 'Kudu Salindu' for another 90 days.

The decision to extend the detention comes after the Court of Appeal's directive on December 6, which instructed the CID to present "Harak Kata" before a suitable Magistrate’s Court if the evidence against him is insufficient to warrant continued custody under the detention orders.

Nadun Chinthaka Wickremeratne, widely known as "Harak Kata," and his notorious accomplice Salindu Malshika, alias "Kudu Salindu," were apprehended in Madagascar on March 01 in a joint operation involving INTERPOL, Malagasy law enforcement authorities, and Customs officials.

The duo, integral figures in the Sri Lankan underworld, was brought back to the island on March 15 following the coordinated efforts of Malagasy defense officials and the Sri Lankan Foreign Ministry. The arrest of eight suspects, including the two notorious individuals, triggered an extradition process facilitated by the Sri Lankan High Commission in Victoria, Seychelles, as Sri Lanka lacks an embassy or high commission in Madagascar.

Upon their return, the Defense Ministry issued an initial 90-day detention order under the Prevention of Terrorism Act. The extension of this order underscores the gravity of the charges against "Harak Kata" and "Kudu Salindu," and the ongoing efforts to gather evidence for a comprehensive legal case.