Sri Lanka's Parliamentary Session Adjourned Amidst Quorum Dispute Over VAT (Amendment) Bill

December 11, 2023


In an unusual turn of events, the Sri Lankan parliamentary session faced an unexpected adjournment during the debate on the VAT (Amendment) Bill due to a lack of quorum. Quorum, the minimum number of members required for valid proceedings, is set at 20 out of 225 members in the Sri Lankan Parliament.

The adjournment sparked controversy, with SJB MP Harsha de Silva alleging it to be a tactical move rather than a genuine lack of quorum. According to de Silva, at least 40 MPs from the SJB and other opposition parties were present, challenging the SLPP government to demonstrate the required 20 members for such an important bill being debated on a Sunday. However, the government fell short with only 16 members present.

The session is scheduled to resume on Monday at 9:30 AM