Sri Lankan Workers Afflicted After Apparel Factories in Jordan Shut Down Return Home

February 09, 2024


A group of 66 Sri Lankan workers stranded in Jordan after the sudden closure of two garment factories have finally returned toSrilanka. The Indian investors closed the facilities without notice.

Sri Lankans arrived at the Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA) in Katunayake early this morning (February 9) after receiving their salary and other benefits. Their repatriation was made possible through the efforts of the Sri Lankan Embassy in Jordan, which worked closely with the factory management and the Jordanian authorities.

This is not the first repatriation of Sri Lankan workers from Jordan. In January of this year, the Sri Lankan Embassy in Amman successfully repatriated 41 people after ensuring that they receive their salary and social security.

In addition, the embassy disclosed that an additional group of Sri Lankans who also worked in the two now closed factories will be returned to Sri Lanka in the next two days. It is not yet known if those workers will receive their wages and other benefits before they leave.

In a positive development, the embassy said the 30 workers from the affected factory were already working at other Jordanian garment factories with their consent. This is a ray of hope for those who were unemployed and stuck due to the sudden closure of their previous jobs.

The Sri Lankan Embassy in Jordan actively assisted its citizens who faced employment and repatriation issues. The embassy and coordinated efforts with the authorities and factory management were crucial in ensuring the safe return of the Sri Lankan workers.