Consumer Affairs Authority sues hundreds of bakeries and shop owners for selling underweight bread

February 09, 2024


The Consumer Affairs Authority announced its decision to prosecute 232 bakers and shop owners. These owners were identified for their involvement in the sale of bread that does not meet the specified weight requirements and for failing to declare prices, which violates the regulations issued by the authority.

The crackdown followed an emergency publication by the CAA on February 2 outlining specific gravity standards for bread. According to the magazine, a regular loaf of bread should weigh 450 grams, with a permissible deficit of 13.5 grams. Similarly, half a loaf of bread must weigh 225 grams and the allowed deficit is 9 grams.

The paper emphasized that all bread products manufactured, packaged, stored, offered for sale, displayed or sold at retail or wholesale level must, without exception, meet the specified weight requirements.

In addition, the directive required all traders to display the weight of the bread they sell in a visible way, which ensures transparency and allows consumers to make informed purchase decisions.

Following the publication of the document, the CAA launched extensive raids across the island nation to identify and apprehend sellers who broke the rules. The nationwide raids were aimed at rooting out illegal activities and holding errant companies accountable for their actions.