Sri Lanka to Expand Renewable Energy Portfolio with New Wind and Solar Projects in Mannar Region

February 21, 2024

To bolster its renewable energy capacity and reduce reliance on fossil fuels, Sri Lanka's Ministry of Power and Energy has unveiled plans to further harness wind and solar power in the Mannar region.

Following the successful inauguration of a 100-megawatt wind farm in Mannar, the Ministry has announced intentions to issue tenders for the construction of an additional wind farm. Expected to generate a capacity of 50 megawatts, this new venture marks a significant stride towards enhancing the nation's renewable energy portfolio.

A senior official from the Ministry of Power and Energy underscored the importance of these endeavors, emphasizing their crucial role in fostering sustainability and energy independence. The move aligns with the government's overarching strategy to diversify energy sources and mitigate environmental impact.

The Ministry has also extended invitations for tenders for the establishment of solar power plants, totaling a capacity of 165 megawatts.

The Ceylon Electricity Board has pledged its support for these initiatives, affirming its intent to procure the electricity generated by these projects. The purchase price will be determined through negotiations with the successful bidders selected through the tender process.