Cabinet Receives Several Recommendations to Address Salary Anomalies in State Universities

February 25, 2024

In a bid to tackle the longstanding issue of salary anomalies plaguing non-academic staff in state universities, the Cabinet received crucial recommendations aimed at resolving the disparity, as announced by the Education Ministry today.

Following extensive discussions involving representatives from university non-academic staff unions, officials from the Higher Education Ministry, and Treasury officials, a consensus was reached to address the pressing matter.

The focal point of the recommendations is the adjustment of salaries to rectify the existing imbalance. The proposed solution entails providing a 92% adjustment, which marks a significant departure from the previous 107% disparity that has persisted since 2016.

The Education Ministry anticipates action on the Cabinet Memorandum, with a policy decision expected in the near future. Once the relevant Cabinet decisions are received, the Ministry is poised to take the necessary steps to implement the recommended measures.