Sinhala Ravaya Vows To Fight On For Kuragala

Sinhala Ravaya Chairman Akmeemana Dayarathana Thera said that his organization will be fighting on to protect the Kuragala archaeological site from Islamic extremist elements.

Releasing a video statement, Dayarathana Thera said on Sunday that Sinhala Ravaya went to Kuragala after it had repeatedly requested relevant authorities to protect the archaeological site by implementing the available rules and regulations.

He said that its archaeological value is immense and it has been recognized as a Buddhist site. Explaining further, Dayarathana Thera said that there were several signboards indicating that the site is a Buddhist archaeological site. He added that it was in fact the site of the ‘Diva Guhava’ found in Buddhist tradition. It is believed to be the cave in which Lord Buddha took a rest on his way to Sri Pada.

However, Islamic fundamentalist elements were damaging the site and authorities are silent, Dayarathana Thera added. Since it is an archaeological site, authorities could have taken steps to protect it. If they are not taking action, Sinhala Ravaya will continue with the fight to protect the site, Dayarathana Thera said.

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