Sri Lanka Has Lowest Rate Of Blood Diseases, Says Indian Specialist

Sri Lanka ranks among top three Asian countries with regard to preventing blood diseaces, Dr. Nabajyoti Chudhury of Fortis Memorial Reaseach Institute of India said on Tuesday (12)

Choudhury added that Sri Lanka, Iran and India were producing safest blood in Asia.

Addressing the International Congress for Blood Transfusion, which is underway in Yasouj, Kohgilouyeh-Boyerahmad, Choudhury named hemophilia, thalassemia and anemia as the most common types of blood diseases in the continent.

“Iran, India and Sri Lanka are top states in Asia with respect to providing access to treatment of blood diseases. The three nations have been successful more than any other countries in reducing such diseases,” he said.

He also noted that Mongolia, Vietnam, Cambodia and Pakistan have the highest rates of blood diseases.

More than 60 international associations from 14 countries have attended the four-day congress, which opened on Tuesday.

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