SLC Stakeholders Raise Serious Concerns With Interim Committee

The stake holders of Sri Lanka Cricket met with the Interim Committee recently on a request made by the Secretary of the IC.

At the outset, IC Chairman Sidath Wettimuni welcomed and briefed the stake holders of their future plans.  He further stated that he would like to work on a very transparent manner with the stake holders.

The stakeholders in return emphasized that the presence of the stake holders at the meeting did not in any way indicate that they recognize the appointment of the IC.

The stakeholders also enlightened the IC of the possible dangers and the repercussions thatSLC could face and the harm and the damage the game of cricket would face specially with the 2012 ICC governance guidelines approved by the ICC board.

Furthermore, members of the outgoing Executive Committee informed the IC that they have never approved a payment of Rs. 200 million to upgrade the president's box at SLC and wanted IC to inquire how this came up to the IC meeting as per Wettimuny's introductory remarks.

The stakeholders also informed the IC that they will not take any responsibility fr payments, loans, contracts that the IC enters into with any individual or organization and the  IC members should take total  responsibility for such transactions on an individual basis as there had been instances in the past where Sri Lanka Cricket had lost huge amounts of money because of wrong decisions taken by ICs.

In addition, the stake holders also emphasized that the number of player contracts should not be reduced and the talented cricketers should be given the opportunity to becomeprofessional cricketers and they should be given the opportunity and the practice facilities to compete with the senior players. By reducing the number of player contracts, the young talents from outstations would miss the opportunity of representing the country and the game will be limited to children from elite and privileged families, the stakeholders argued.

It was agreed that further action on these issues would be taken after the meeting with Minister of Sports.

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