Facebook Activists Vow To Remain Vigilant On Wilpattu

The conveners of the protest rally against the destruction of Wilpattu said that they decided to cancel the rally but will remain vigilant on the developments.

A group of young professionals had organized this rally through Facebook. It was planned for Saturday (16).

Addressing a press briefing in Maradana today, the conveners explained that they decided to give reasonable time to the government after the president halted all deforestation and settlement activities in Wilpattu.

They added that they will also be vigilant on the recent Nilgala deforestation and proposed highway across Sinharaja and the poaching of wild elephants.

“With the public attention we can be seen recently we hope to raise public awareness against deforestation and all kinds of exploitation of nature” they elaborated.

They also urged the government to hasten legal proceedings on violations of forest laws and the judiciary to execute the laws regardless the political power of anyone involved.

The Wilpattu deforestation controversy broke out when media reports alleged that there was illegal forest clearing and settlement of people taking place within the Sanctuary. Minister Rishad Bathiudeen was alleged to be responsible for the illegal project.

General public, especially who use social media raised their voice against the matter.

Following continues protests by general public, political parties and civil organizations President Maithripala Sirsena on May 09 ordered for the immediate stop to the deforestation and land clearing at the Wilpattu National Park.

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