'Aluth Parapura' Wants All Communities To Remember May 19

Several representatives of the civil organization ‘Aluth Parapura’ met President Maithripala Sirisena on Wednesday (13) and held a discussion about future plans in order to change the current system, President’s Media Unit said.

Speaking with Asian Mirror on Thursday (14) a representative of the organization stated that the discussion was mainly focused on celebrations of ‘Armed Forces Day 2015’.

“We want everyone, irrespective of their nationality, to remember May 19 as a day to commemorate their loved ones who died in the brutal war,” he asserted.

As a nation we suffered for 30 years because of war, and we can see that the wounds in the people’s hearts are still not cured, he added. Furthermore, ‘Aluth Parapura’ made it clear that remembering the destruction of the war will not help to heal those hearts.

He further said that the president also agreed with their ideas on steps towards reconciliation.

“Armed Forces Day”, previously known as the ‘Victory Day’ will be held on May 19 in Matara. It is held to commemorate the final destruction of the LTTE in 2009.

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